Get to know our wonderful Animate Team!
Yaz Aboul-Fetouh, BCBA
Chief Executive Officer
I'm Yasser, Yaz for short, a founder and BCBA here at Animate Behavior for over 10 years. Originally born in New Orleans, I have been in the Bay Area since 2013 and in the field of ABA since 2006. I have always valued and specialized in the Organizational Behavior Management applications of ABA as well as the rewarding and life changing Clinical applications that put our field on the map. I value my role at Animate Behavior in that it allows me to use that knowledge and experience to better both our client and staff lives.
Veronica Rivera, BCBA
Director Clinical Operations
I’m Veronica, a BCBA here at Animate’s Early Learner Center. I have been in the field of ABA for 8 years and a supervisor at our center for the last 5 years. I earned my Master’s Degree in ABA in 2020 from FIT. I love being able to teach all skills from language to social skills and daily living skills. I believe it is important that we find what works best for each individual child and family.
Rudy Hernandez, BCBA
Senior Clinical Supervisor
I am Rudy, a BCBA here at Animate Behavior’s Early Learner Center. I have been in the field of ABA for over 10 years and a supervisor in home and at our center for 5 years. I earned my Bachelor’s from the University of Santa Barbara and my Master’s Degree in ABA in 2019. I love watching behavior change in an impactful and meaningful way for my clients and their caregivers. 
Elyse Bain, BCBA
Senior Clinical Supervisor
I’m Elyse Bain, a BCBA leading our In-Home team. I consider myself lucky to have found my love for ABA as a teen, volunteering at a school for children with developmental and behavioral concerns. A Bay Area native, I earned my master’s degree in 2012 from Florida State University. Over the course of my career, I have worked with people ages 2 to 60 in a variety of settings including schools, homes, and the community. It brings me great joy watching others gain independence and live happy, fulfilling lives.
Katie Turner, BCBA
Center Clinical Supervisor
I am Katie Turner, a BCBA here at Animate Behavior! I have been working at Animate for over 3 years in our center. I received my Master’s Degree in ABA from Arizona State University in 2019. I have worked with children 0-5 for the past 15 years and am passionate about supporting children learn at their own pace and provide individualized support that meets their unique needs.
XueMei Ye, BCBA 
Assistant Clinical Supervisor
I’m Mei, a BCBA here at Animate Early Learner Center. I have been working in the filed of ABA for 5 years with young children. I earned my Master’s degree in Special Education in 2021 from San Francisco State University, where eI gained my teaching experience in a Pre-K setting. My experiences help me better understand and work with our clients.
Lizeth Jacinto,
Assistant Clinical Supervisor
I am Liz, a mid-level provider at Animate Behavior’s Early Learner Center. I attended Arizona State University at which I received my Master’s Degree in Special Education—with an emphasis in ABA. I have worked in the ABA filed for 7 years, which has provided me with experience across school settings, in-home, and center-based ABA with early learners.
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