Animate Behavior offers ABA Services In California!
Animate Behavior specializes in person centered Applied Behavior Analysis services in the Bay Area. Our model emphasizes ethical and evidence-based treatment that improves quality of life of our clients. 
The Power of Applied Behavior Analysis
ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy is a structured, scientific and medically necessitated set of services that are implemented by a Board Certified clinical team that aims to teach and improve social, communication, and learning skills. 
What sets Animate Behavior apart?
We stand out for our sharp focus on clinical quality, individualized programing and commitment to ethical and evidence based practices.
High percentage of BCBA supervised
We believe in smaller caseload sizes to ensure consistent access to the high clinical quality and support our Board Certified Behavior Analysts provide on each case.
BCBA Owned and Run
We are owned and operated by Board Certified Behavior Analysts ensuring that a compassionate, ethical and well trained clinician with integrity is always in charge.
Innovative Use of Technology
All of our treatment plans are tailored to the individual client, designed to address the unique needs of each client while always including their input in their ABA program.
Professional Clinical Quality
We recognize, respect, and integrate the varied backgrounds, perspectives, and needs of our clients, their families and our staff in our culturally diverse ABA practice.    
We offer In-Home and In-Center Autism Treatment!
Each setting we offer has distinct advantages and are determined based on the client's needs, family preferences, and specific goals of the ABA therapy as well as teaching to the natural environment of the client.  
A Meaningful Career in ABA
Registered Behavior Technicians are an essential part of our high caliber clinical teams, having a profound impact on the quality of life of their clients and their families. Clinical teams witness firsthand the growth and progress of their clients, which not only enhances the quality of life for the individuals and their families but also offers immense professional satisfaction.  
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