Empowering Lives Through Compassionate Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy
Who We Are
We provide meaningful change in the quality of life for our clients and families, providing for a better future for us all.
Founded and operated by Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Animate Behavior is a boutique-sized Applied Behavior Analysis practice with an Early Learner Center in Emeryville, CA. Our passion and focus on clinical quality and ethics reverberate in all aspects of how we serve our clients. We maintain a nurturing, collegial, and creative work environment that optimizes supervision opportunities and increases direct contact between our clinicians and the clients, families, and communities we serve. Our people are intelligent, compassionate, and most of all lively… we are Animated!  
Our Mission
At Animate Behavior our mission is to provide exceptional, compassionate and client focused  Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services with a dedication to changing lives with an ethical and evidence based approach to treatment.  
What We Believe
Integrity- The highest standard of ethical and professional practice guides our work and our clients always demonstrate Assent to services.
Client-focused Care- is center around Compassion, Respect, and Inclusion
Diversity- we recognize the need for services and deliver them to our underserved and high risk populations
Knowledge- Clinical Competency and Evidence Based practice are the forefront of our services
Growth- Staff and clients are always growing
Our Clinical Team
Yaz Aboul-Fetouh
BCBA, Founder and CEO
Veronica Rivera
BCBA, Director of Clinical Operations
Rudy Hernandez
BCBA, Senior Clinical Supervisor
Elyse Bain
BCBA, Senior Clinical Supervisor
Adventures Awaits with Waddles and Pebbles!
Waddles, alongside his best friend Pebbles, invites everyone to join them on a journey filled with discovery, learning, and fun.
Meet Pebbles, Our Penguin Mascot!
Who is Pebbles?
Pebbles is more than just a mascot; she's a symbol of joy, resilience, and the journey of learning. As one Animate Behavior's beloved penguin companions, Pebbles represents the heart and soul of our person-centered care. With her friendly demeanor, curiosity and unwavering spirit, Pebbles embodies the encouragement and support we provide to every person we work with.
Pebbles' Story
Born on the snowy landscapes of Antarctica, Pebbles always knew she was different. While she enjoyed sliding on the ice and diving into the cold ocean, his true passion lay in discovering new things. Bettering herself and helping her friends along the way. One day, after embarking on a daring adventure across the seas, Pebbles found herself at the doorstep of Animate Behavior. It was here that she realized his true calling: to assist others in finding joy in their unique learning paths.

With her innate ability to bring a smile to anyone's face and heart as warm as her favorite beanie, Pebbles quickly became an integral part of the Animate Behavior family. Through her adventures and stories, she teaches others about perseverance, friendship, and the importance of celebrating their individual achievements.

Pebbles isn't just about fun and games; she's a beacon of hope and a guide for the incredible journey of growth and learning.
Meet Waddles, Our Adventures-loving Penguin
Who is Waddles?
Introducing Waddles, Animate Behavior's intrepid explorer and the best friend of Pebbles! Waddles joins our team with a spark of curiosity and an insatiable desire to explore the world around him. His adventurous spirit and love for discovery make him the perfect companion for children embarking on their own journeys of learning and growth.
Waddles' Story
Waddles hails from the bustling colonies of Antarctica, where he was known for his boundless energy and curious nature. Always on the lookout for a new adventure, Waddles stumbled upon Pebbles during one of his explorations. The two quickly became inseparable, bound by their shared love for discovery and helping others.

Realizing that their true adventure lay beyond the icy shores of their home, Waddles followed Pebbles to Animate Behavior. Together, they embarked on their most important mission yet: to support and inspire as they navigate the adventures of learning and growing.
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